Launch of the new report “A Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty”
Mar 13, 2019 | News

The LIS Database was heavily used in chapters of the report: "A Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty"

Collaboration with the AFD – data from Côte d’Ivoire and Vietnam
Dec 13, 2018 | News

As a result of a research agreement signed between LIS and AFD, data from Côte d’Ivoire and Vietnam have been acquired by LIS

ERF-LIS conference: Inequality trends around the Mediterranean
Dec 13, 2018 | News

ERF and LIS have joined forces in order to exploit the richness of the microdata offered by both institutions

13th International Conference of the AFD “Inequality and Social Cohesion”
Dec 13, 2018 | News

Opening session of the scientific day of the 13th International Conference of the AFD dedicated to presentations of LIS scholars

GC’s Stone Center Launches New Postdoctoral Scholars Program on Socio-Economic Inequality
Nov 30, 2018 | News

The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Foundation awarded a gift of $1.2 million to the Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality

Call for papers – “Why inequality differs so much across countries?”
Sep 14, 2018 | News

The 2019 edition of the annual Research on Economic Inequality series has special interest in the question “Why inequality differs so much across countries?”

ECSR Thematic Workshop “Wealth Inequality and Mobility”
Sep 14, 2018 | News

Two-day workshop organized by the Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality (IRSEI) at the University of Luxembourg (in partnership with LIS/LWS)

Book on Wealth and Homeownership
Sep 07, 2018 | Ignore on home

In almost every country, wealth is predominantly constituted by housing equity, but what are the possible risks and how does wealth accumulation vary across countries?

JID special issue from the 2017 LIS/LWS user conference
Aug 31, 2018 | News

Special Issue Comparative wealth and income research edited by Daniele Checchi and Janet Gornick is now available online

New complementary database: Routine Task Intensity and Offshorability for the LIS
Jul 27, 2018 | News

This database allows LIS users to retrieve very detailed and standardized occupation categories, following the international two-digit coding of the ISCO-88 standard