Data and Documentation

  • How are the data structured and identified?
  • What does the year in the dataset name refer to?
  • Where can I find country-specific information and documentation?
  • Can the data be used for longitudinal analysis?
  • Can the data be used for regional analysis?
  • What does a value of . mean?
  • What is the difference between gross income datasets and net income datasets? How should I treat them in my analysis?
  • What are PPPs and deflators? How can I use them with the microdata?
  • Why are the values in the LIS Key Figures different from similar indicators distributed by other organisations, such as the OECD?

Managing LISSY Jobs and Listings

  • What statistical packages can I use with LISSY?
  • May I use external files with the LIS databases?
  • I get the error message wrong header. How can I avoid this?
  • What does set for review mean, and how can I avoid this?
  • What does handling listing mean, and how can I avoid this?
  • I get an error message in my output. Is there a way to debug my program?
  • Can I receive non-ASCII output/listings from LISSY such as graphs, worksheets, HTML-pages, etc.?
  • Why do I receive the error message Could not connect to the server?

Would you still experience a specific issue not addressed above, please feel free to contact usersupport@lisdatacenter.org. When related to LISSY and whenever possible, provide the user support with the following information:

  1. The type of access used (JSI versus email)
  2. The network and the operating system from which you attempted to access to LISSY (e.g.: at Princeton university on Windows7 64-bits)
  3. A description of the exact stage at which the issue occurs. Any screenshot is welcome
  4. The error message you received if any
  5. The date and time when the problem occured
  6. If the problem is related to a specific job, please mention the job number