Aldi Hagenaars Memorial Award

Aldi (Aleida Johanna Maria) Hagenaars was among the first female chaired professors of economics in the history of the Netherlands. Aldi “worked hard and played hard”, with a zest for life matched by none, right until her untimely death on 30 June 1993. Aldi exhibited all of the qualities which LIS holds so dear. She was an excellent scholar and a wonderful role model. Started in 1994, this award is dedicated to her memory.

Every year, the award is granted to the writer under age 40, whose LIS or LWS Working Paper from the previous year best demonstrates the qualities of good scholarship that Aldi exhibited.

If you or one of your co-authors are under age 40 when you submit your Working Paper for inclusion in our series, you will be eligible for this award. Please send us your birth date while submitting your paper.

The award recipient receives a €750 cash prize, plus an invitation to serve as a faculty member, and to present the winning paper, at the subsequent LIS Summer Workshop.

Award Recipients


Regina S. Baker and Heather A. O’Connell

Structural Racism, Family Structure, and Black-White Inequality in Poverty: The Differential Impact of the Legacy of Slavery among Single Mother & Married Parent Households

May 2022


Xabier Garcia-Fuente

The Paradox of Redistribution in time. Social spending in 53 countries, 1967-2018

October 2021


Nora Waitkus and Fabian T. Pfeffer

The Wealth Inequality of Nations

December 2020


Hugo del Valle-Inclán Cruces

Estimating Inequality of Opportunity in More Periods Than Ever Before: The Capital Income Approach

April 2019


Brian Burgoon, Sam van Noort, Matthijs Rooduijn, and Geoffrey Underhill

Radical Right Populism and the Role of Positional Deprivation and Inequality

March 2018


Elvire Guillaud, Matthew Olckers and Michael Zemmour

Four levers of redistribution: The impact of tax and transfer systems
on inequality reduction

Apr 2017 (Revised on Jul - 2017)


Chiara Assunta Ricci

667. Perceived Social Position and Income Inequality: Do They Move Together? Evidence from Europe and the United States

April 2016


Jennifer Hook

639. Incorporating ‘Class’ into Work-Family Arrangements: Insights from and for Three Worlds

July 2015


Claudia Schneider and Dennis Fehrenbacher

LWS16. Catch me if I fall: Cross-cultural differences in willingness to take financial risks as a function of social and state "cushioning"

(co-written with Elke Weber). February 2014


Stefan Thewissen and Olaf van Vliet

595. Sectoral trends in earnings inequality and employment International trade, skill-biased technological change, or labour market institutions?

(co-written with Chen Wang). July 2013


Malte Luebker

577. Income Inequality, Redistribution and Poverty.
Contrasting Rational Choice and Behavioural Perspectives

May 2012


Chen Wang

567. Disentangling Income Inequality and the Redistributive Effect of
Social Transfers and Taxes in 36 LIS countries

(co-written with Koen Caminada). July 2011


Lubomira Anastassova-Chirmiciu

535. Are Immigrants Paid Less for Education?

April 2010


Francesco Scervini

516. The Empirics of the Median Voter: Democracy, Redistribution and the Role of the Middle Class

May 2009 (revised March 2010)


Cecilia Garcia-Penalosa

470. Labour Market Institutions and Income Inequality

(co-written with Daniele Checchi). January 2008


Alison Felix

468. Passing the Burden:
Corporate Tax Incidence in Open Economies

August 2007


Maria Chiuri

436. Do the Elderly Reduce Housing Equity? An International Comparison

(co-written with Tullio Jappelli). June 2006


Arthur Alderson and Jason Beckfield

422. Exactly How has Income Inequality Changed? Patterns of Distributional Change in Core Societies

(co-written with Francois Nielsen). May 2005. International Journal of Comparative Sociology 46:405-23, 2005


David Jesuit

392. State Redistribution in Comparative Perspective: A Cross-National Analysis of the Developed Countries,

(co-written with Vincent Mahler). November 2004. P: Vincent A. Mahler and David K. Jesuit (2006) "Fiscal Redistribution in the Developed Countries: New Insights from the Luxembourg Income Study," Socio-Economic Review 4 (September): 483-511


Sarah Voitchovsky

354. Does the Profile of Income Inequality Matter for Economic Growth?

May 2003. Journal of Economic Growth, 10 (3): 273-296, September 2005


Margit Kraus and Katja Holsch

342. Poverty Alleviation and the Degree of Centralisation in European Schemes of Social Assistance

Revised April 2004. Journal of European Social Policy, Vol 14/2, May 2004, pp.143-164


Lane Kenworthy

316. Varieties of Welfare Capitalism

(with Alexander Hicks). August 2002. Socio-Economic Review 1: 27-61.


David Brady

264. Rethinking the Sociological Measurement of Poverty

revised August 2002. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Volume 24, Issue 2 , 2nd Quarter 2006, Pages 153-175


Elena Bardasi

223. Women and Part-Time Employment: Workers' "Choices" and Wage Penalites in Five Industrialized Countries

(with Janet C. Gornick). March 2000. Brigida Garcia, Richard Anker, and Antonella Pinnelli (eds.), Women in the Labour Market in Changing Economies: Demographic Consequences, Oxford: Oxford University Press (with Janet C. Gornick)


Markus Jantti

205. Child Poverty Across Industrialized Nations<

(with Bruce Bradbury). September 1999. United Nations Children's Fund Innocenti Research Centre, Innocenti occasional papers.; Econ. and soc. policy ser. no. 71 , 1999.


Cristina Solera

92. Income Transfers and Support for Mothers’ Employment: The Link to Family Poverty Risks: A Comparison between Italy, Sweden and the U.K.

December 1998


Mats Johansson

172. In Search for a Smoking Gun: What Makes Income Inequality Vary Over Time in Different Countries?

(with Björn Gustafsson). November 1997. American Sociological Review, V 64 (Aug 1999): 585-605; Ekonomisk Debatt, 1999 No. 8


Janet C. Gornick and Katherin Ross

140. Public Policies and the Employment of Mothers. A Cross-National Study

(with Marcia Meyers). June 1996. Social Science Quarterly, March 1998


Andrea Brandolini

130. Growth, Inequality and Social Institutions

(with Nicola Rossi). September 1995. Income Distribution and High-Quality Growth, edited by Ke-young Chu and Vito Tanzi, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT


Veli-Matti Ritakallio

119. Finnish Poverty: A Cross-National Comparison

December 1994


McKinley L. Blackburn

97. International Comparisons of Income Poverty and Extreme Income Poverty

June 1993. American Economic Review, May 1994, Vol. 84 No. 2, pp. 371(4); "Comparing Poverty: The United States and Other Industrialized Nations," AEI Studies on Understanding Economic Inequality, American Enterprise Institute, 1997.