Release of the UN Department of Social Affairs (UNDESA) 2023 World Social Report

LIS data was heavily used for some analysis underlying the latest World Social Report 2023 from the UN Department of Social Affairs (UNDESA). The report, Leaving No One Behind In An Ageing World focuses on the economic and social implications of the ageing of the human population. It builds on the Plan of Action’s framework for national policies to create equitable, inclusive societies for people of all ages, providing recommendations to put the rights and well-being of older persons at the centre, across the life course. In particular Chapter 4, which is fully based on LIS and LWS data, explores how ageing impacts poverty and inequality dynamics in both developed and developing countries. It gives a particular emphasis to the role of social protection, education and health care systems as well as the labour, in ensuring an adequate level of economic security in old-age. The analysis is further enriched by some empirical evidence on asset ownership across the life course.

March 15, 2023 | News