2023 Income and wealth inequality: drivers and consequences Conference

Gdansk University of Technology & Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

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Income and wealth inequality: drivers and consequences

September 27-29, 2023

The conference will take place at

Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland


The conference aims to introduce the scientific community to the latest scientific inquiries on inequality in the context of cross-country comparative research to better understand the of nature of income and wealth inequality by asking two fundamental questions: “What drives inequality?” and “What are the consequences of economic and social inequality?”

Since economic inequality is a complex problem, this conference brings together scholars representing various social science disciplines that deal with broadly defined research topics, to name a few, inequality trends, intergenerational inequality, and gender inequality in combination with the institutional and socio-demographic context, such as labor market, pensions, education, or inheritances. During this conference, we will also discuss the impact of the crisis on inequality and assess social and fiscal policies.

The organizing and scientific committees invited scholars to present the latest research developments on income and wealth inequality from a theoretical, historical, and comparative perspective, elaborate on the role of public policy, progress in the evolution of inequalities, and understand the economic and social consequences of increasing inequalities.

The conference brings together young and experienced scholars from four continents: North and South America, Asia, and Europe. The conference begins with a workshop for young researchers on software and techniques for inequality measurements and analysis that introduces machine learning for analyzing economic inequalities. Additionally, representatives from academia meet with policymakers during the panel titled “The Bridge between Research and Economic Policy.” The conference will have an inaugural speech and four keynote lectures from prominent scholars representing various streams of inequality and poverty research.

The Best Paper Award and the Best Poster Award will be given in recognition of outstanding research presented at the conference. The award amount for Best Paper is 500 EUR, and for the Best Poster, 300 EUR. Eligibility criteria: scholars who are still pursuing or finished their Ph.D. after 2016. Anyone who attends the conference can nominate a paper for the award, including self-nominations. In addition, all papers/posters presented by eligible scholars and posted to the LIS/LWS Working Papers Series will be considered nominated. These Awards are made possible by generous support from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) and the Faculty of Management and Economics at the Gdansk University of Technology.

Conference Programme

The conference programme is available here.

Invited Policy Roundtable participants and Keynote Speakers (in alphabetic order)

  • Daniele Checchi, University of Milan
  • Martin Evans, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and OPHI, University of Oxford
  • James E. Foster, The George Washington University & OPHI, University of Oxford
  • Michael Förster, Sciences Po Paris
  • Susan Harkness, University of Bristol
  • Peter Lanjouw, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)
  • Branko Milanovic, City University of New York & Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality
  • Dariusz Rosati, Deputy of Polish Sejm (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland)
  • Joanna Tyrowicz, University of Warsaw & Member of the Monetary Policy Council
  • Philippe Van Kerm, University of Luxembourg & Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER)

The conference is funded thanks to:

1) Carbonium Supporting Conferences program from the Gdańsk University of Technology;
2) Luxembourg Income Study (LIS);
3) Faculty of Management and Economics at the Gdańsk University of Technology.