Complementary Databases: country-level data

LIS makes available complementary databases that provide country-level indicators that might be useful for comparative research. Codebooks and other details about these compilations are included for each. Please contact the producers of these data directly if you have questions.

Note: If you have a dataset or database containing country-level variables that might be of use to LIS researchers, please contact us. We would be happy to lodge your data on our website!

LIS country-year samples isoginis (2024)
prepared by Louis Chauvel >>

The Atlas of Inequality Aversion (2022)
prepared by Stanislaw Maciej Kot and Piotr R. Paradowski >>

Leave and ECEC policy dimensions dataset (2021)
assembled by Sarah L. Kostecki >>

   Family Tax Benefit Database (2020)
assembled by Manuel Schechtl >>

   Leiden LIS Budget Incidence Fiscal Redistribution Dataset on Relative Income Poverty Rates (2019)
assembled by Koen Caminada and Jinxian Wang >>

   Routine Task Intensity” (RTI) and “Offshorability” (OFFS) for Use with the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) (2018)
prepared by , Matthew C. Mahutga,Michaela Curran and Anthony Roberts >>

   Leiden LIS Budget Incidence Fiscal Redistribution Dataset on Income Inequality (2017)
prepared by Jinxian Wang and Koen Caminada >>

   A. LIS / New York Times Income Distribution Database (2016)

assembled by Janet Gornick (LIS), Thierry Kruten (LIS), Branko Milanovic (LIS), David Leonhardt (NYT), and Kevin Quealy (NYT)   >>

   B. Incomes across the Distribution Database (2016)

assembled by Stefan Thewissen, Brian Nolan and Max Roser   >>

Note: Databases A and B are complementary. LIS/NYT Income Distribution Database presents results based on household disposable income for entire populations. Incomes across the Distribution Database also presents results based on household market income, and for working-age populations.

   Comparative Political Data Set (2016)

assembled by Klaus Armingeon, Christian Isler, Laura Knöpfel, David Weisstanner and Sarah Engler (University of Bern)   >>

   Comparative Welfare States Data Set (2014-2020)

compiled by David Brady, Evelyne Huber, and John D. Stephens   >>

   Social Policy and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean Datasets

compiled by Evelyne Huber and John D. Stephens   >>

   OECD Income Distribution Database (2013)   >>

   Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset (2013)

assembled by Lyle Scruggs, Detlef Jahn, and Kati Kuitto   >>

   The Work-Family Policy Indicators (2012)

assembled by Irene Boeckmann, Michelle Budig, and Joya Misra    >>

   Social Assistance and Minimum Income Protection Interim Data Set (SaMip) (2009)

assembled by Kenneth Nelson   >>

   Fiscal Redistribution Data Set (2005, 2008, 2010, 2013)
prepared by David Jesuit and Vincent Mahler   >>

   Institutions that Build Economic Security and Asset Holdings Database (2008)

compiled by Janet Gornick, Timothy Smeeding, Eva Sierminska, and Maurice Leach   >>

   A Detailed Look at Parental Leave Policies in 21 OECD Countries (2008)

compiled by Rebecca Ray of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in the United States   >>

   Measures that Govern Rights to Alternate Work Arrangements in 21 OECD Countries (2007)

assembled by Ariane Hegewisch and Janet Gornick   >>

   Employment Key Figures by Gender(2007)

assembled by The LIS Team   >>

   Family Policy Database (1997, 2003)

compiled by Janet Gornick, Marcia Meyers and (for the 1997 version) Katherin Ross   >>