Upcoming Seminar on ‘The Demography of Rising Wealth Inequality’

The University of Luxembourg, LIS, and LISER invite you for a hybrid session of the monthly seminar on social inequality and public policies, which will be held ONLINE and IN-PERSON due to COVID-19.

In person room: MSH salle LISER 1st floor (Maison des Sciences Humaines).

Wednesday 3 May at 15h30 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

The following presentation is scheduled:

Speaker: Fabian T. Pfeffer

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan

Director, Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics, University of Michigan

Title: The Demography of Rising Wealth Inequality

The growth of inequality in household wealth over recent decades is well documented. We determine the independent contribution of several demographic trends to rising U.S. wealth inequality over the last three decades. Using data from the Survey of Consumer Finances from 1989 through 2019 and novel decomposition techniques, we show that rapid growth in wealth inequality and increasing wealth concentration at the top coincided with important changes in the demographic composition of the country but that the two are not directly related. However, the shifts in the wealth distribution among demographic groups, in particular the move of households with less education and non-elderly households away from the middle of the distribution, explain much of the observed overall growth in inequality. Part, but not all, of these demographic contributions to rising wealth inequality operate through their contributions to rising income inequality.

In person room: MSH salle LISER 1st floor (Maison des Sciences Humaines).

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April 27, 2023 | News