Key Figures

The Inequality and Poverty Key Figures, constructed for all LIS datasets in all waves, include multiple national-level measures:

  • on inequality measures: Gini, Atkinson coefficients, and percentile ratios
  • on relative poverty rates for various demographic groups
  • median and mean of disposable household income

These figures can be accessed via download (Excel format) and/or through a search engine

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Methododological Notes

Researchers confront several methodological decisions when measuring inequality or poverty. We recognise that users make varied choices, depending on the purpose of their individual projects. In order to create standardised indicators, we have adopted our set of practices for the LIS Inequality and Poverty Key Figures.

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For those interested in duplicating or revising the Key Figures, LIS provides the programs used to generate these Figures in R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

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LIS’ rules for citation

Users of the LIS or LWS microdata, DART, and LIS Key Figures are required to cite the data source in their list of references. As suggested by the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition, 2007) pp 753-754 (17.358), LIS requests that authors use the following format.