LIS Database

The Luxembourg Income Study Database (LIS) is the largest available income database of harmonised microdata collected from about 50 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia spanning five decades.

Harmonized into a common framework (2019 Template LIS User Guide), LIS datasets contain household- and person-level data ( List of Variables, Printable version ) on labour income, capital income, pensions, public social benefits (excl. pensions) and private transfers, as well as taxes and contributions, demography, employment, and expenditures.

For generic codebook of the LIS Database variables’ names, definitions, codes, comments, see here.
For extensive documentation on the LIS Database, enter METIS

For users interested in knowing more about the changes between the 2011 and 2019 Template:
– a detailed list of changes between the 2011 and 2019 Template can be accessed here.
– the correspondence between old and new income and consumption LIS variables can be seen here.
– the correspondence between old and new other LIS variables can be seen here.

For users interested in accessing the pre-revised datasets (following the 2011 Template):
– in order to access those pre-revised files, choose the project “LISPRE” from LISSY.
– you can consult the old LIS variable list here.

List of LIS Datasets

Note: Year given is the income reference year, that is the year to which the income data pertain.

Countries Hist.
Wave I
(~ 1980)
Wave II
(~ 1985)
Wave III
(~ 1990)
Wave IV
(~ 1995)
Wave V
(~ 2000)
Wave VI
(~ 2004)
Wave VII
(~ 2007)
(~ 2010)
Wave IX
(~ 2013)
Wave X
(~ 2016)
Wave XI
(~ 2019)
Australia AU81 AU85 AU89 AU95 AU01 AU03 AU04 AU08 AU10 AU14 *AU16 *AU18
Austria AT87 AT94 AT95 AT97 AT00 *AT02 *AT03 AT04 *AT05 *AT06 AT07 *AT08 *AT09 AT10 *AT11 *AT12 AT13 *AT14 *AT15 AT16 *AT17 *AT18
Belgium BE85 BE88
BE00 BE03 BE04
BE07 BE08
BE10 BE11
BE13 BE14
BE15 BE16 BE17
Brazil BR06 BR09
BR13 BR16
Canada CA71
CA81 CA87 CA91 CA94
CA04 CA07 CA10 CA12 CA13 CA14 CA15 CA16 CA17
Chile CL90 CL92 CL94 CL96 CL98 CL00 CL03 CL06 CL09 CL11 CL13 CL15 CL17
China CN02 CN13
Colombia CO04 CO07 CO10 CO13 CO16
Czech Rep CZ92 CZ96 CZ02 CZ04 CZ07 CZ10 CZ13 CZ16
Denmark DK87 DK92 DK95 DK00 DK04 DK07 DK10 DK13 DK16
Dominican Rep. DO07
Egypt EG12 *EG18
Estonia EE00 EE04 EE07 EE10 EE13 EE16
Finland FI87 FI91 FI95 FI00 FI04 FI07 FI10 FI13 FI16
France FR78 FR84 FR89 FR94 FR00 FR05 FR10
Germany DE73 DE78
DE84 DE85 DE86 DE87
DE88 DE89 DE90 DE91 DE92 DE93 DE94 DE95 DE96 DE97 DE98 DE99 DE00 DE01 DE02 DE03 DE04 DE05 DE06 DE07 DE08 DE09 DE10 DE11 DE12 DE13 DE14 DE15 DE16 DE17 DE18
Georgia GE09 GE10 GE11 GE12 GE13 GE14 GE15 GE16 GE17 GE18 GE19 *GE20
Greece GR95 GR00 *GR02 *GR03 GR04 *GR05 *GR06 GR07 *GR08 *GR09 GR10 *GR11 *GR12 GR13 *GR14 *GR15 GR16 *GR17 *GR18
Guatemala GT06 GT11 GT14
Hungary HU91 HU94 HU99 HU05 HU07 HU09 HU12 HU15
Iceland IS04 IS07 IS10 *IS14 *IS15 *IS16 *IS17
India IN04 IN11
Ireland IE87 IE94
IE00 IE02 IE03 IE04 IE05 IE06 IE07 IE08 IE09 IE10 IE11 IE12 IE13 IE14 IE15 IE16 IE17
Israel IL79 IL86 IL92 IL97 IL01 IL02 IL03 IL04 IL05 IL06 IL07 IL08 IL09 IL10 IL11 IL12 IL13 IL14 IL15 IL16 IL17 IL18
Italy IT86
IT04 IT08 IT10 IT14 IT16
**Ivory Coast CI02 CI08 CI15
Japan JP08 JP10 JP13 *JP14 *JP15 *JP16
Laos *LA02 *LA07 *LA12
Latvia *LV13 *LV14 *LV15 *LV16 *LV17 *LV18
Lithuania LT09 LT10 LT11 LT12 LT13 LT14 LT15 LT16 LT17 LT18
Luxembourg LU85 LU91 LU94
LU00 LU04 LU07 LU10 LU13 *LU16
**Mali *ML11 *ML13 *ML14 *ML15 *ML16 *ML17 *ML18
Mexico MX84 MX89
MX04 MX05 MX06 MX08 MX10 MX12 MX14 MX16 MX18
Netherlands NL83
NL90 NL93 NL99 NL04 NL07 NL10 NL13 NL15 NL16 NL17 NL18
Norway NO79 NO86 NO91 NO95 NO00 NO04 NO07 NO10 NO13 NO16
Palestine PS17
Panama PA07 PA10 PA13 PA16
Paraguay *PY97 *PY99 PY00 *PY02 *PY03 PY04 *PY05 *PY06 PY07 *PY08 *PY09 PY10 *PY11 *PY12 PY13 *PY14 *PY15 PY16 *PY17 *PY18 *PY19 *PY20
Peru PE04 *PE05 *PE06 PE07 *PE08 *PE09 PE10 *PE11 *PE12 PE13 *PE14 *PE15 PE16 *PE17 *PE18 *PE19
Poland PL86 PL92 PL95 PL99 PL04 PL07 PL10 PL13 PL16
Romania RO95
Russia RU00 RU04 RU07 RU10 RU11 RU13 RU14 RU15 RU16 RU17 RU18 *RU19
Serbia RS06 RS10 RS13 RS16
Slovakia SK92 SK96 SK04 SK07 SK10 SK13 SK14 SK15 SK16 SK17 SK18
Slovenia SI97 SI99 SI04 SI07 SI10 SI12 SI15
South Africa ZA08 ZA10 ZA12 ZA15 ZA17
South Korea KR06 KR08 KR10 KR12 KR14 KR16
Spain ES80 ES85 ES90 ES95 ES00 ES04 ES07 ES10 ES13 ES16
Sweden SE67
SE81 SE87 SE92 SE95 SE00 SE05
Switzerland CH82 CH92 CH00
CH04 CH06 CH07 CH08 CH09 CH10 CH11 CH12 CH13 CH14 CH15 CH16 CH17 CH18
Taiwan TW81 TW86 TW91 TW95
TW00 TW05 TW07 TW10 TW13 TW16
United Kingdom UK69
UK79 UK86 UK91 UK94 UK95 UK96 UK97 UK98 UK99 UK00 UK01 UK02 UK03 UK04 UK05 UK06 UK07 UK08 UK09 UK10 UK11 UK12 UK13 UK14 UK15 UK16 UK17 UK18
United States US74 US79 US86 US91 US92 US93 US94 US95 US96
US98 US99 US00 US01 US02 US03 US04 US05 US06 US07 US08 US09 US10 US11 US12 US13 US14 US15 US16 US17 US18 US19
Uruguay UY04 *UY05 *UY06 UY07 *UY08 *UY09 UY10 *UY11 *UY12 UY13 *UY14 *UY15 UY16 *UY17 *UY18 *UY19
**Vietnam *VN93 *VN98 VN02 *VN04 *VN06 VN08 *VN10 VN11 VN13

* Forthcoming datasets are listed in red

** The inclusion of Ivory Coast, Mali and Vietnam was accomplished through the research agreements between the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and LIS. LIS is grateful for this cooperation that allowed for these valuable additions.

For convenience, throughout our documentation, LIS uses short country/territory names – i.e., those that are commonly used in cross-national academia – in conjunction with standard two-letter ISO abbreviations. This convention does not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of LIS concerning the legal status of any country or territory. LIS recognizes that several supranational organizations designate country/territory names which may differ from the ones that LIS uses. Examples include:

United Nations
World Bank
International Labour Organization
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development