Stone Center, home to the US Office of LIS, welcomed the 2017 ECINEQ Meeting

In July, the Stone Center served as host of the Seventh Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ). ECINEQ conferences are held biennially; the 2017 meeting was the first to be convened in the United States. The three-day event took place at the CUNY Graduate Center, 17-19 July 2017, and was attended by over 250 inequality scholars from more than 30 countries.
Janet Gornick, Director of the Stone Center and of the US Office of LIS, hosted an institutional welcome session, which included a conversation on inequality between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Paul Krugman.

The conference featured three official Keynote Lectures:

  • Peter H. Lindert (University of California – Davis): The Rise and Future of Progressive Redistribution
  • Marc Fleurbaey (Princeton University): Inequalities, Social Justice and the Web of Social
  • Frank Cowell (London School of Economics): Inheritance, Inequality and the Idle Rich

The program also included the inaugural Stone Lecture on Wealth Inequality, which was given by Gabriel Zucman (University of California – Berkeley), and a special plenary session presented by Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University), titled: A Simple Model of Wealth Inequality and the Role of Capital Taxation in Overcoming It.

On the evening of 19 July, a gala dinner was held in honor of Sir Tony Atkinson, co-sponsored and co-hosted by The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and the Stone Center.

At the ECINEQ meeting, LIS ASBL member and Senior Scholar Frank Cowell was elected as ECINEQ’s next President, and Janet Gornick was elected to serve on the ECINEQ Scientific Council.

The 2017 ECINEQ conference abstracts and papers are available here.

September 9, 2017 | News

We mourn the loss of Prof. Dr. Dieter Ferring

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Prof. Dr. Dieter Ferring, who passed away on August 3, 2017.

Head of the Research Unit INSIDE at the University of Luxembourg, Dieter was an outstanding researcher and enthusiastic scholar. At LIS, we had the privilege of collaborating with him on the design and set up of the PEARL Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality (IRSEI) that would have not been successful without his huge and dedicated involvement.

We offer our condolences to his family and friends, and to his many colleagues throughout Luxembourg.

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Synopsis of the LIS Summer Workshop 2017

The LIS Summer Workshop is an annual activity that LIS has adopted since late 1980’s. It is an intensive course designed to introduce researchers in the social sciences to comparative research on income distribution, employment and social policy, using the Luxembourg Income Study Database (LIS) and the Luxembourg Wealth Study Database (LWS).

This summer, LIS welcomed 28 participants to its annual Summer Workshop; the workshop took place between 18- 22 June in the University of Luxembourg, Belval Campus. The participants of the workshop joined from 15 countries around the world. They had different research interests and different academic backgrounds; Economics, Sociology, Statistics, Social Science, Political science, and social work.

This year’s workshop consisted of four and half days; divided between morning lectures and afternoon hands-on lab sessions. The workshop gathered outstanding lecturers from variety of universities, national and supranational organizations; Professor Daniele Checchi (LIS, and University of Milan), Professor Conchita D’Ambrosio (University of Luxembourg), Professor Janet Gornick (US Office of LIS, The Stone Center, and the City University of New York), Eva Sierminska (LISER and University of Arizona), Michael Förster (OECD), István György Tóth (Tárki Social Research Institute), and Philippe van Kerm (LISER). The last lecture was given by, LIS President, Professor François Bourguignon (Paris School of Economics) “The measurement of the Inequality of Opportunity”.

During the lab sessions, participants were introduced to the LISSY system interface and its coding best practices; gradually they were trained on how to apply more advanced techniques on LIS/LWS databases.

The workshop entailed two social events; on Sunday evening, LIS organized a cocktail dinner; so participants can exchange research interest and questions amongst each other. A closing banquet was held at St. Martin caves.

More information on the LIS Summer Workshop click here.

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InGRID2: Successful Visiting Scholars Program Continues

The second bid of InGRID – InGRID2 project – to the EU call of Horizon 2020 has been approved.

The InGRID infrastructure, which brings together 19 academic partners from Europe, aims to integrate and optimise the existing European Data Infrastructure and accompanying expertise, through joint research, the organisation of expert workshops as well as a Visiting Scholar program.

Running from mid-2017 to mid-2021, the InGRID2 project will allow LIS to welcome researchers onsite and also grant LIS with support to its virtual access system.

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PhD Scholarships to Work with LIS Data in Sydney

The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia is offering scholarships for students to undertake research on poverty and inequality using LIS.

These scholarships, part of the 2017 Scientia Scholarship round, will be supervised by Bruce Bradbury and Peter Saunders at the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW.

For more details, see here . The closing date is 21 July 2017

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Inaugural Lee Rainwater Memorial Lecture

Earlier this spring, Robert Erikson, Professor of Sociology Emeritus at the University of Stockholm and former LIS president (2002-2011), has given the inaugural Lee Rainwater Memorial Lecture:
Social Selection in Education and its Consequences for Mobility.

The series, launched in honor of Lee Rainwater (January 7, 1928 – July 4, 2015), recognizes Lee’s brilliant and creative academic career as well as his role as founding Research Director of the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS).

The video is online here.

June 12, 2017 | News

Call for papers: Special Issue of the Journal of Income Distribution

A call for papers of a special issue of the Journal of Income Distribution has been launched. In this special issue, LIS/LWS scholars are offered the opportunity to publish their research in one volume in order to broaden the discussion and enhance our knowledge from inequality and poverty to labor market participation, from saving patterns to class composition.

Priority will be given to papers presented at the 2017 LIS/LWS Users Conference.

We strongly encourage LIS/LWS users to submit their paper online with the subject line LIS to
Note that the submission deadline is July 31, 2017.

June 1, 2017 | News

2017 LIS Introductory Summer Workshop Application is available

The application of our annual 2017 Introductory Summer Workshop can be found here.

Practical information is available at the 2017 LIS Summer Workshop webpage

The application is due 26 March 2017.

Source image: Flavia Camilleri ©

February 18, 2017 | News

We won’t see his like again

Remembrances from

Daniele Checchi

Janet Gornick

Frank Cowell

Francisco H. G. Ferreira and Ana Revenga

Alain Trannoy, EHESS and AMSE

Rolf Aaberge

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Francois Bourguignon has been named President of LIS Board

We are pleased to announce that François Bourguignon has been named President of the Board of LIS: Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg.

François Bourguignon, a French economist, is a scholar of income distribution, inequality and poverty, redistribution, and economic development. He is a former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank (2003-2007), professor and former director at the Paris School of Economics, and former professor at the ‘Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Politiques’. He has held a number of advisory positions and is the recipient of several honors, most recently the Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur, France (2010), the Médaille d’honneur de la Santé et des Affaires Sociales, France (2012), and the Juan Luis Londono Prize, Lacea, Bogota-Colombia (2012).

François collaborated with Tony Atkinson on many projects, most notably as co-editor of the Handbook of Income Distribution (2000, 2015). Tony was President from 1 January 2012 until his untimely death on 1 January 2017. As we mourn Tony’s absence, we feel immensely grateful that he was able to oversee François’ selection at last summer’s LIS Board Meeting.

François takes up the post today, 16 January, six months earlier than anticipated. He has large shoes to fill, but we are extremely pleased to have him at LIS’ helm and look forward to his guidance and contributions.

January 16, 2017 | News