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LIS: Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines – 5e étage
11, porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-Belval
  +352 20602520

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How to Get to LIS


From Luxembourg City Centre (Charly’s Gare on Avenue Reuter) close to Hamilius bus station, you can take a direct RGTR bus, either line 202 or 203, to go to Belval. The TICE buses 4 and 15 directly serve the “Terrasse des Hauts-Fourneaux” area, with a stop at the Belval train station.


From the Luxembourg City central train station, you can take train lines 60 or 80 to go to LIS headquarters. After you get off the train, cross the passage through the station and enter the shopping mall Belval Plaza. You may go down the stairs which take you immediately outside the mall (look out for the shop SATURN). Across the street on the right, you’ll see the IBIS Hotel; in front of the building there is a big open space in concrete which connects to the Dexia Bank red towers. Cross the platform, pass the red towers, and turn left once you spot the building of La Maison des Sciences Humaines.


Benelux Taxis Tel: +352 40 38 40 Fax: +352 49 31 93
City Taxis Centrale Tel: +352 48 00 58 Fax: +352 40 47 14
Taxis Colux Tel: +352 48 22 33 Fax: +352 40 26 96
Inter-Taxis Tel: +352 40 52 52 Fax: +352 40 48 88

See Public Transportation in Luxembourg.for further information