Working Papers

All research papers that use LIS/LWS microdata directly and/or via DART or the Key Figures must be submitted for inclusion in the LIS or LWS Working Paper Series before being published in other venues.

Abstracts and full texts are available through the Working Papers Search Engine and on RePec (Research Papers in Economics). Technical papers written by, or commissioned by the LIS staff as well as working papers from the former LES database are also included.

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How to submit

Working Papers must be submitted via email and must include:

  • Personal information (name and email address) of all authors
  • An abstract
  • A list of references including data source citation (See next section)

LIS invites authors under 40 at the time of submission to include their date of birth in order to be considered for the Aldi Hagenaars Award.

Authors are welcome to revise working papers at any time; authors may simply send an updated version with a new date (marked revised) and LIS will replace the prior version of the Working Paper.

Working Papers are not formally reviewed, and we encourage all authors to publish their papers subsequently in peer-reviewed journals and other venues. Please, send us subsequent publication references via email.

Note – While it is relatively uncommon, some publishers ask that papers be removed from Working Paper series before publication. On request, LIS will remove the paper although the title, authorship information, and abstract will remain in the Working Papers database.

Citation Guidelines

Users of the LIS or LWS microdata are required to cite the data source in their list of references. As suggested by the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition, 2007) pp 753-754 (17.358), LIS requests that authors use the following format.

  • LIS microdata

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Database, (multiple countries; {include the dates of the interval during which microdata runs completed}). Luxembourg: LIS.

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Database, (multiple countries; March 2022 – April 2022). Luxembourg: LIS.

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Database, (Canada; April 2022). Luxembourg: LIS.

  • LWS microdata

Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) Database, (multiple countries; {include the dates of the interval during which microdata runs completed}). Luxembourg: LIS.

Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) Database, (multiple countries; January 2022). Luxembourg: LIS.

Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) Database, (Slovakia; January 2022 – March 2022). Luxembourg: LIS.

  • DART

LIS Data Access Research Tool (DART), ({include date when graphs/tables were accessed/downloaded}). Luxembourg: LIS.

LIS Data Access Research Tool (DART), (June 16, 2021). Luxembourg: LIS.

  • LIS Key Figures

LIS Inequality and Poverty Key Figures, ({include date — when Key Figures were downloaded}). Luxembourg: LIS.

LIS Inequality and Poverty Key Figures, (April 13, 2022). Luxembourg: LIS.

Copyright Policy

Authors maintain copyright privileges for their own work submitted to the Working Paper Series. LIS maintains the right to disseminate papers from the series for scholarly purposes. This includes the right to distribute contributions online, to incorporate contributions into other media for off-line distribution, and to add appropriate hyperlinks or otherwise integrate contributions into the larger body of relevant literature. Other uses, such as reproduction for profit, are not permitted without the written permission of the copyright owner, who will, in most cases be the author.

Permission for electronic dissemination of LIS/LWS Working Papers is granted. Reproduction in hardcopy or print format for educational purposes or by non-profit organisations such as libraries and schools is permitted. For all other uses, please contact the LIS office for advance written permission.