ASBL – International Board of Directors

François Bourguignon, President
EC, France – Paris School of Economics

Daniele Checchi, Secretary General & Director of the Luxembourg Office of LIS
EC, Ex Officio – Italy – University of Milan

Janet Gornick, Director of the US Office of LIS
EC, United States – City University of New York

Serge Allegrezza*
EC,  Luxembourg – STATEC [Central Statistical Service]

Paul van der Laan
EC, Netherlands – The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics

Reeve Vanneman
EC,  India – University of Maryland (US)

Stefan Weick*
Germany – GESIS [Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences]

Carsten Schröder
Germany – SOEP/DIW [German Institute for Economic Research]

Aziz Naji
Belgium – Federal Science Policy Office

Veli-Matti Ritakallio
Finland – University of Turku

Andrea Brandolini*
Italy – Bank of Italy

Johan Fritzell
Sweden – CHESS [Center for Health Equity Studies-Stockholm University]

Brian Kleiner*
Switzerland – Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences

Frank Cowell
UK – STICERD/LSE [Suntory & Toyota International Centres for Economics and
Related Disciplines, London School of Economics]

Advisory Board

Peter Saunders
Australia – University of New South Wales

Bernard Williams
Australia – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Pirmin Fessler
Austria – Central Bank

Richard Heuberger
Austria – Statistics Austria

Koen Vleminckx
Belgium – Federal Public Service Social Security

Tracey Leesti
Canada – Statistics Canada

Li Shi
China – Beijing Normal University

Vera Peres Rokhas
Colombia – National Administrative Department of Statistics

Tána Dvornáková
Czech Republic – Statistical Office

Jirí Vecerník
Czech Republic – Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences

Frederik Hansen
Denmark – Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior

Christiane Wissa
Egypt – Economic Research Forum

Ott Toomet
Estonia – Tartu University

Carlos Sanchez Muñoz
European Central Bank

Jani Erola
Finland – University of Turku

Roxane Silberman
France – National Data Committee in Humanities and Social Sciences

Giorgos Ntouros
Greece – Hellenic Statistical Authority

George Vafias
Greece – Hellenic Statistical Authority

István Toth
Hungary – TARKI Social Research Institute

Sonalde Desai
India – University of Maryland (US)

Marion McCann
Ireland – Central Statistics Office

Daniel Gottlieb
Israel – National Insurance Institute

Romina Gambacorta
Italy – Bank of Italy

Colin McKenzie
Japan – Keio University

Ariana Need
Netherlands – University of Twente

Alexandra Stéphanie Boyer
Mexico – National Institute of Statistics and Geography

Ingrid Melby
Norway – Statistics Norway

Anibal Sánchez Aguilar
Peru – National Institute of Statistics and Informatics

Klara Sabirianova Peter
Russia – University of North Carolina (US)

Vladan Bozanic
Serbia – Statistical Office

Rastislav Bednárik
Slovakia – Centre for Work and Family Studies

Stanka Intihar
Slovenia – Statistical Office

Murray Leibbrandt
South Africa – University of Cape Town

Ingrid Woolard
South Africa – University of Cape Town

Hae-Ryun Kim
South Korea – National Statistical Office

Luis Ayala
Spain – Rey Juan Carlos University

Johan Lindberg
Sweden – Statistics Sweden

Markus Schwyn
Switzerland – Federal Statistical Office

Chung Wen Kun
Taiwan – Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics

Richard Tonkin
UK – Office of National Statistics

Patricia White
US – National Science Foundation

Prakash Loungani
International Monetary Fund

Michael Förster
OECD – Social Policy Division

Martin Evans
UNICEF – Division of Policy and Strategy

Francisco Ferreira
World Bank – Development Economics Research Group

Elena Bardasi
World Bank – Independent Evaluation Group

Past President:
2002 – 2011 : Robert Erikson, Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)
2012 – 2016 : Tony Atkinson,  Oxford University

Local Advisory Board

Serge Allegrezza, President
Director – STATEC [Central Statistical Service]

EC denotes Executive Committee Member
* Member signifies that the Asbl member is the institution; the individual named serves as a representative of the member institution. In all other cases, the individual is the Asbl member. The LIS statutes allow either option.