ASBL – International Board of Directors

Tony Atkinson, President
EC, United Kingdom – Oxford University

Sir Tony Atkinson is an Economist at Oxford University. His research interests include the economics of income distribution and poverty. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, Fellow of the European Economic Association, Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association. He became a Knight of the British Empire in 2000, and was made a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur in 2001.

Daniele Checchi, Secretary General & Director of the Luxembourg Office of LIS
EC, Ex Officio – Italy – University of Milan

Janet Gornick, Director of the US Office of LIS
EC, United States – City University of New York

Serge Allegrezza*
EC,  Luxembourg – STATEC [Central Statistical Service]

Paul van der Laan
EC, Netherlands – The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics

Reeve Vanneman
EC,  India – University of Maryland (US)

Stefan Weick*
Germany – GESIS [Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences]

Carsten Schröder
Germany – SOEP/DIW [German Institute for Economic Research]

Aziz Naji
Belgium – Federal Science Policy Office

Veli-Matti Ritakallio
Finland – University of Turku

Andrea Brandolini*
Italy – Bank of Italy

Johan Fritzell
Sweden – CHESS [Center for Health Equity Studies-Stockholm University]

Brian Kleiner*
Switzerland – Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences

Frank Cowell
UK – STICERD/LSE [Suntory & Toyota International Centres for Economics and
Related Disciplines, London School of Economics]

Advisory Board

Peter Saunders
Australia – University of New South Wales

Bernard Williams
Australia – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Pirmin Fessler
Austria – Central Bank

Richard Heuberger
Austria – Statistics Austria

Koen Vleminckx
Belgium – Federal Public Service Social Security

Tracey Leesti
Canada – Statistics Canada

Li Shi
China – Beijing Normal University

Vera Peres Rokhas
Colombia – National Administrative Department of Statistics

Tána Dvornáková
Czech Republic – Statistical Office

Jirí Vecerník
Czech Republic – Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences

Frederik Hansen
Denmark – Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior

Christiane Wissa
Egypt – Economic Research Forum

Ott Toomet
Estonia – Tartu University

Carlos Sanchez Muñoz
European Central Bank

Jani Erola
Finland – University of Turku

Roxane Silberman
France – National Data Committee in Humanities and Social Sciences

Giorgos Ntouros
Greece – Hellenic Statistical Authority

George Vafias
Greece – Hellenic Statistical Authority

István Toth
Hungary – TARKI Social Research Institute

Sonalde Desai
India – University of Maryland (US)

Marion McCann
Ireland – Central Statistics Office

Daniel Gottlieb
Israel – National Insurance Institute

Romina Gambacorta
Italy – Bank of Italy

Colin McKenzie
Japan – Keio University

Ariana Need
Netherlands – University of Twente

Alexandra Stéphanie Boyer
Mexico – National Institute of Statistics and Geography

Ingrid Melby
Norway – Statistics Norway

Anibal Sánchez Aguilar
Peru – National Institute of Statistics and Informatics

Klara Sabirianova Peter
Russia – University of North Carolina (US)

Vladan Bozanic
Serbia – Statistical Office

Rastislav Bednárik
Slovakia – Centre for Work and Family Studies

Stanka Intihar
Slovenia – Statistical Office

Murray Leibbrandt
South Africa – University of Cape Town

Ingrid Woolard
South Africa – University of Cape Town

Hae-Ryun Kim
South Korea – National Statistical Office

Luis Ayala
Spain – Rey Juan Carlos University

Johan Lindberg
Sweden – Statistics Sweden

Markus Schwyn
Switzerland – Federal Statistical Office

Chung Wen Kun
Taiwan – Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics

Richard Tonkin
UK – Office of National Statistics

Patricia White
US – National Science Foundation

Prakash Loungani
International Monetary Fund

Michael Förster
OECD – Social Policy Division

Martin Evans
UNICEF – Division of Policy and Strategy

Francisco Ferreira
World Bank – Development Economics Research Group

Elena Bardasi
World Bank – Independent Evaluation Group

Past President:
2002 – 2011 : Robert Erikson,  SOFI [Swedish Institute for Social Research]

Local Advisory Board

Serge Allegrezza, President
Director – STATEC [Central Statistical Service]

EC denotes Executive Committee Member
* Member signifies that the Asbl member is the institution; the individual named serves as a representative of the member institution. In all other cases, the individual is the Asbl member. The LIS statutes allow either option.