(LIS)2ER Initiative

The (LIS)2ER project is a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) and the LIS Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg (LIS). By providing access to harmonised household-record data covering numerous rich and middle-income countries, LIS has gained world-wide reputation as a data provider to researchers on inequality and social policy. LISER has an international, well established research group in the domain of ‘Public Policy, Welfare and Socio-Economic Inequality’. It seemed only natural to build on the complementarity between the two institutions in terms of high-quality data provision and research excellence, and to exploit synergies to foster new, innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of inequality and social policy. The initiative seeks to intensify, advance and facilitate usage of LIS data through research projects, data development and opportunities for research visits on site. Moreover, the initiative hosts an annual international workshop which deals with particular policy issues and their relation to inequality, aiming to promote exchange among researchers from different disciplines and at different stages of their careers.