LWS Database

What is the LWS (Luxembourg Wealth Study) Database, and what does it contain?

  • Household- and person-level data on assets and debt, market and government income, household characteristics, labour market, expenditures and behavioural indicators.
  • Datasets from countries in Europe, North America, and Australia.
  • Wealth datasets are organized into ”waves” that are regular intervals referring to years when wealth micro-data were collected.

LWS enables entirely new lines of research about wealth, debt and other dimensions of economic well-being across countries and, to some extent, over time.

LWS datasets are harmonised into a common framework, parallel to the one created for the LIS datasets. For information on the structure of LWS datasets please read the User Guide. For extensive documentation on LWS, go to our documentation page.

LWS data cannot be downloaded, but are accessible for statistical analysis via our remote system LISSY.