LWS Database

What is the LWS Database, what does it contain, and how are files constructed?

The Luxembourg Wealth Study Database (LWS) includes:

  • Household-level data on assets and debt, market and government income, household characteristics, labour market outcomes, expenditures and behavioural indicators.
  • Datasets from 12 countries: Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Wealth datasets since 1994, corresponding to various years.

The Luxembourg Wealth Study Database enables entirely new lines of research about wealth across countries and, to some extent, over time. Launched in 2007, LWS provides opportunities for scholarly research on wealth and for the development of improved standardised wealth data collection practices.

LWS datasets are harmonised into a common template, parallel to the one created for the LIS datasets. Researchers are strongly encouraged to review the Technical Report for further information on how these files are constructed.

For information on the documentation for LWS datasets, go to our documentation page.