LWS Database

The Luxembourg Wealth Study Database (LWS) is the first cross-national wealth database in existence. Harmonized into a common framework (User Guide), parallel to the one created for the LIS datasets, LWS datasets also contain household- and person-level data (List of Variables) on assets and debt, market and government income, household characteristics, labour market outcomes and, in some datasets, expenditures and behavioural indicators.

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Documentation LWS Pilot Datasets

List of LWS Datasets

Note: Year given is the wealth reference year, that is the year to which the wealth data pertain.

Country Code Wave IV around 1995 Wave V around 2000 Wave VI around 2004 Wave VII around 2007 Wave VIII around 2010 Wave IX around 2013
Australia AU 2010 2014**
Austria AT 2010
Canada CA 1999* 2005 2012
Finland FI 2009 2013
Germany DE 2002** 2007** 2012**
Greece GR 2009 2013*
Italy IT 1995* 2000* 2004* 2008* 2010 2014
Norway NO 2010 2013
Slovak Republic SK 2010* 2013*
Slovenia SI 2014*
South Africa ZA 2014**
Spain ES 2009* 2011*
Sweden SE 2002* 2006*
United Kingdom UK 2007 2009 2011 2013*
United States US 1995 1998 2001 2004 2007 2010 2013

* = Received. Not yet harmonised
** = Harmonisation in progress

For convenience, throughout our documentation, LIS uses short country/territory names – i.e., those that are commonly used in cross-national academia – in conjunction with standard two-letter ISO abbreviations. This convention does not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of LIS concerning the legal status of any country or territory. LIS recognizes that several supranational organizations designate country/territory names which may differ from the ones that LIS uses. Examples include:

United Nations
World Bank
International Labour Organization
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development