Data Access

LIS provides access to the LIS and LWS Databases in three ways: LISSY, the Web Tabulator, and the LIS Key Figures. Access through LISSY requires registration. The LIS Key Figures and the Web Tabulator are publically accessible and provide standard statistics based on the LIS Database.

Three Pathways to the Data

LISSY is a remote-execution data access system for the LIS and LWS microdata. LISSY allows registered users to submit programs using common statistical software packages, while respecting the confidentiality restrictions imposed by certain countries.

Remote execution is enabled through two submission paths:
Job Submission Interface (JSI)

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Web Tabulator
The Web Tabulator is an online table-making tool that allows to design and generate cross-national descriptive tables without the need for programming. The Web Tab includes datasets starting from LIS Wave I with the exception of Taiwan.

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LIS Key Figures
LIS has created two sets of national indicators based on microdata from the LIS Database. Registration is not required to use the Key Figures.

The Inequality and Poverty Key Figures include multiple inequality measures, relative poverty rates for various demographic groups, and median and mean disposable household income.

The Employment Key Figures by Gender display information about economic outcomes by gender as well as gender inequality in poverty and employment.

Access Eligibility

Researchers of financially-contributing countries and institutions and students worldwide have access to the microdata.