Key Figures

LIS provides two distinct sets of Key Figures based on the microdata included in the LIS databases. Generated by the LIS staff, these are national-level weighted indicators for specific population groups. Both sets are available for unrestricted public access on the LIS website, via download and/or through a search engine.

Inequality and Poverty

The Inequality and Poverty Key Figures include multiple inequality measures (e.g., Gini and Atkinson coefficients, percentile ratios), relative poverty rates for various demographic groups, and median and mean disposable household income. These Key Figures are constructed for all LIS datasets, in all waves.


Employment by Gender

The Employment Key Figures by Gender are a large set of national-level indicators presented in ten tables. These figures highlight women’s economic outcomes and gender inequality in poverty and employment. The Employment Key Figures by Gender were created with support from the World Bank.

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User Support
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