Access to the LIS and LWS microdatabases is achieved through a remote-execution system called LISSY. LISSY allows researchers to access the LIS and LWS data while respecting privacy restrictions required by the countries providing the data. The datasets can be manipulated using standard statistical software, however they may not be downloaded.

What is LISSY?

LISSY is a data access system that permits researchers to submit programs written in SAS, SPSS or Stata, which are quickly processed from remote locations. Aggregated results are reported back to users within just a few minutes. At times of high traffic, results might take slightly longer to process.

LIS grants access to the microdatabases to registered users only and for a period of one year, renewable annually.

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How do I run a job on LISSY?

LISSY provides secure access to the microdata through two submission options: a Job Submission Interface (JSI) or email. Although both options generate identical results, LIS strongly recommends that users access LISSY through the JSI, which is more user-friendly and provides additional features.

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How do I use…

Job Submission Interface
The Job Submission Interface (JSI) is a secure Java application that allows you to write, submit, review, and track job requests.

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Job requests may be submitted by emailing LISSY at using most email software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.).

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