What is LISSY?

LISSY is a remote-execution system allows researchers to access from remote location the LIS and LWS microdata while respecting privacy restrictions required by the countries providing the data. It provides secure access to the microdata through a web-based Job Submission Interface.

How to register to LISSY?

LIS grants access to its micro-databases to registered users and for a period of one year, renewable annually.

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How to get started with LISSY?

Users write and submit through the LISSY interface their statistical programs written in R, SAS, SPSS or Stata (Batch coding mode). LISSY automatically processes the jobs and usually returns back aggregated results to users within a couple of minutes.

In order for LISSY to process user requests properly, a few exceptions to the usual statistical program syntax are required

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LIS’ rules for citation

Users of the LIS or LWS microdata are required to cite the data source in their list of references. As suggested by the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition, 2007) pp 753-754 (17.358), LIS requests that authors use the following format.