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Access to the LIS and LWS microdatabases is achieved through a remote-execution system called LISSY that requires statistical programming knowledge in SAS, SPSS or Stata. Access to the LIS microdata through LISSY requires a brief registration process.

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What is LIS?

LIS is a cross-national data center which serves a global community of researchers, educators, and policy makers.

LIS acquires datasets with income, wealth, employment, and demographic data from a large number of countries, harmonises them to enable cross-national comparisons, and makes them available for public use by providing registered users with remote access.

LIS, located in Luxembourg, is home to the Luxembourg Income Study Database and the Luxembourg Wealth Study Database. These databases contain harmonised microdata from high- and middle-income countries around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable, facilitate, promote, and conduct cross-national comparative research on socio-economic outcomes and on the institutional factors that shape those outcomes.


LIS Brochure (pdf)

What is in the LIS databases?

LIS contains two databases, one focused on income, and one focused on wealth.

The Luxembourg Income Study Database (LIS) is the largest available database of harmonised income microdata collected from multiple countries over a period of decades. The LIS datasets contain variables on market income, public transfers and taxes, household- and person-level characteristics, labor market outcomes, and, in some datasets, expenditures.

The Luxembourg Wealth Study Database (LWS) is the first cross-national database of harmonised wealth microdata in existence. The LWS datasets include variables on assets and debt, market and government income, household characteristics, labor market outcomes and, in some datasets, expenditures and/or behavioural indicators.

How do I gain access?

There are three pathways to the data:

LISSY: a remote-execution system to query the microdata. LISSY requires statistical programming knowledge in SAS, SPSS or Stata.

Web Tabulator: an online table maker. No statistical programming is required.

Key Figures: two independent sets of national indicators generated by LIS, Inequality and Poverty and Employment by Gender. No statistical programming is required.

Register: You must complete a LIS Microdata User Registration Form to access the microdata via LISSY. The Key Figures and the Web Tabulator do not require registration.

For more information on accessing the data, please go to Data Access.