This section includes extensive documentation on the Luxembourg Wealth Study Database (LWS). Researchers should review the following documentation when usingĀ LWS.

Variables and Coding

Harmonisation Guidelines
Description of the process by which the data are prepared into a common template for the purposes of cross-national research.

LWS Variable List
Reference guide to household-level variables.

Variable Definition List
Detailed definitions of the variables including content, value labels, and variable construction.

Technical Report on Income Variables
Explanation of LWS data and documentation.

Behavioural Variable Mapping
Detailed explanation of the behavioural variables.

Country-Specific Variables
Chart showing additional variables available in each dataset.

Construction of Aggregate Variables
Chart showing how the aggregate variables on wealth, expenditures, and income are constructed.

Data Availability

Variable Availability Matrix
Chart showing which variables are available in each dataset.

List of Datasets
Chart showing which datasets are currently available and numbers for dataset identification.

Classification by Country Income Level
Chart showing classification of countries in LIS and LWS by country income level.


Researchers should also consult the following policies:

LWS General Warnings

Missing Values Policy