Upcoming LISSY Registration Renewal for 2016

Dear LISSY users,
We are approaching the end of 2015 and it is soon time to renew your access! Since registration to access the LIS and LWS Databases corresponds to the calendar year, a renewal of your access is required to extend your subscription. Please note that you may renew for 2016, starting on 1 January 2016.

How to renew?

Renewing your access takes 2 minutes. Visit our website to complete and submit the online form.

Your renewal will be effective the same day. No notification e-mail is sent after the renewal. You may just log in directly to the user interface and start working with the data.


If you are subject to an individual user fee, your renewal cannot be processed automatically. Please contact medinger@lisdatacenter.org to arrange continuation of access, or if you encounter any difficulty while renewing.

We wish you all the best for 2016! May your New Year be filled with peace and auspicious research!

The LIS Team

December 30, 2015 | Uncategorized