Minor template revision and complete database rerun

During the process of preparing the launch of LIS’ new Wave IX, LIS made some minor adjustments to the current template (i.e., the set of LIS variables and definitions). The changes mostly concerned the clarification of variable and value labels, and the standardization of three labour market variables which were previously dataset-specific (TEN1_C, TEN2_C and EMPSTA_C have become TEN1YR, TEN2YR and EMPSTA).

All of these changes have been applied retroactively to the entire LIS Database. At the same time, some data cleaning has been carried out, including the elimination of cases of (categorical) variables with unlabeled codes. Please note that the income variables have not been affected by these changes, and thus no changes have been made to the Key Figures. See Revision Notes for details.

November 26, 2014 | Highlight