2019 Winter Data Release

LIS is happy to announce the release of eight additional micro datasets to the LIS Database: ChileCL17 (Wave X), DenmarkDK16 (Wave X), GermanyDE16 (Wave X), MexicoMX14 (Wave IX), MX16 (Wave X) and MX18 (Wave XI), PeruPE16 (Wave X), and SloveniaSI15 (Wave X).

Two new countries have been added to the LWS Database, JapanJP14 (Wave IX), JP11 (Wave VIII), JP09 (Wave VII), and JP04 (Wave VI), and LuxembourgLU14 (Wave IX), LU10 (Wave VIII). In addition to one data point from GermanyDE17 (Wave X).

With this release, the following Datasets have been revised:

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

  • Chile (CL92, CL94, CL96, CL98, CL00, CL03, CL06, CL09, CL11, CL13, and CL15)
  • Denmark (DK10, and DK13)
  • Mexico (MX84, MX89, MX92, MX94, MX96, MX98, MX00, MX02, MX04, MX08, MX10, and MX12)
  • Peru (PE04, PE07, PE10, and PE13)
  • Slovenia (SI12, and SI97 )

Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS)

  • Italy (IT95, and IT00 )

December 13, 2019 | News