Gonçalo Marques
Feb 28, 2023 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Data Expert bio Gonçalo holds a Master’s degree in Economics with a major in Policy Evaluation from NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon since 2021. Before joining the LIS, he worked as a Research Assistant in a project aimed at building Portuguese wealth distribution series using survey data and National Accounts. In […]

Taylor Kroezen
Feb 28, 2023 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Data Expert bio Taylor is an economist with a research interest in education and social inequalities. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from York University Glendon Campus. Before joining LIS, she worked as a research analyst at LISER contributing to […]

Petra Sauer
Jan 31, 2020 | LIS Postdoctoral Scholar

(LIS)²ER Tony Atkinson research fellow bio Petra Sauer is (LIS)²ER Tony Atkinson research fellow at the Luxembourg Institute for Socio-economic Research (LISER) and the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS). She is also a fellow of the College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research (CIDER) and an affiliated scholar of the Individual in the Labour Market (ILM) Reading […]

Gintare Mazeikaite
Apr 29, 2019 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Data Expert and Research Associate bio Gintare is an economist with a background in inequality and social policy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Vilnius University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Development from UNU-MERIT/Maastricht University, with a specialisation in social protection financing. Most recently, Gintare has been pursuing […]

Lucie Scapoli
Apr 19, 2018 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Administrator Officer    +352 20602520

Jean-Paul Scapoli
Jul 03, 2017 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

System and Network Administrator

Heba Omar
Aug 31, 2016 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Assistant Director of Operations bio Heba Omar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University. She then obtained a Master’s degree in Biostatistics and Demography from the Institute of Statistical Studies and Research at Cairo University. Her master’s thesis focused on The Development of Multidimensional […]

Carmen Petrovici
Sep 18, 2012 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Data Expert and Research Associate bio Carmen is a social policy analyst specialised in labour market. She holds a PhD from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Faculty of Social Sciences, Methodology and Statistics department and has a background in comparative social policy (MA in International Social Policy Analysis from Leuven University, Belgium), public policy and […]

Jörg Neugschwender
Sep 22, 2011 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Data Team Manager bio Jörg is an economic sociologist. In May 2016, he defended his doctoral dissertation on Pension Systems and Income Inequality among the Elderly in Europe at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim, Germany. At LIS, Jörg is supervising the data team in harmonizing datasets […]

Piotr Paradowski
Feb 17, 2011 | LIS Staff - Luxembourg

Data Expert and Research Associate bio Piotr Paradowski is a political economist. At LIS, he serves as a member of the data staff. He has comprehensive knowledge of quantitative social science methods and conducts research using the LIS data, focusing on income and wealth distributions as they relate to economic inequality, poverty, and welfare […]