Oxford Handbook of Engaged Methodological Pluralism in Political Science (Vol 1) – Forthcoming
Mar 15, 2024 | Books

Read abstract Chapter “Pluralist View on Inequality from Luxemburg Income Study (LIS)” by Daniele Checchi, Piotr R. Paradowski The authors start by reviewing the history of the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), originating from an interdisciplinary project involving economists, sociologists, and political scientists, centered on the cross-country perspective in inequality analysis. They then conduct a meta-analysis […]

Survey Data Harmonization in the Social Sciences
Mar 15, 2024 | Books

Read abstract In Survey Data Harmonization in the Social Sciences, a team of distinguished social science researchers delivers a comprehensive collection of ex-ante and ex-post harmonization concepts and methodologies in the context of specific longitudinal and cross-national survey projects. The book examines how ex-ante and ex-post harmonization work individually and in relation to one another, […]

Inequality in the developing world
Mar 11, 2021 | Books

Read abstract Inequality has emerged as a key development challenge. It holds implications for economic growth and redistribution and translates into power asymmetries that can endanger human rights, create conflict, and embed social exclusion and chronic poverty. For these reasons, it underpins intense public and academic debates and has become a dominant policy concern within […]

The Legacy of Tony Atkinson in Inequality Analysis
Jun 11, 2019 | Books

Read abstract Arguably, Tony Atkinson laid the foundation of the modern measurement and analysis of inequality. First and foremost, he did so in theory, with innumerable papers since his path-breaking article in the Journal of Economic Theory (Atkinson, 1970). But he constantly sought to apply his conceptual insights to empirical research, with a relentless attention […]

Comparative Wealth and Income Research
Apr 09, 2019 | Books

Read abstract The articles included in this special issue of the Journal of Income Distribution are a selection of papers originally presented at the first LIS-LWS Users Conference, hosted by LIS, the cross-national data center in Luxembourg. The conference took place at the University of Luxembourg in Belval, Luxembourg, on April 27- 28, 2017. The […]

Canberra Group Handbook on Household Income Statistics. Second Edition
Mar 29, 2019 | Books

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OECD Framework for Statistics on the Distribution of Household Income, Consumption and Wealth
Mar 29, 2019 | Books

Read abstract This publication presents an internationally agreed framework to support the joint analysis of micro-level statistics on household income, consumption and wealth. Its aim is to extend the existing international frameworks for measuring household income and consumption at the micro level to include wealth, and describes income, consumption and wealth as three separate but […]

OECD Guidelines for Micro Statistics on Household Wealth
Mar 29, 2019 | Books

Read abstract This publication presents, for the first time, an internationally agreed set of guidelines for producing micro statistics on household wealth. These guidelines fill an important gap in the existing international guidance on measuring the various dimensions of people’s economic well-being. This introductory chapter describes the purpose of the guidelines, how they were developed, […]

La Spirale du Declassement
Jun 02, 2017 | Books

Read abstract Notre civilisation de classe moyenne est à la croisée des chemins. Alors qu’elle définissait le projet des démocraties modernes, elle fait face à des défis majeurs. La recristallisation en masse des inégalités, la mobilité descendante, l’écrasement du pouvoir d’achat des salaires relativement aux prix des biens immobiliers, la paupérisation de cohortes entières de […]

Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization
May 25, 2016 | Books

Read abstract One of the world’s leading economists of inequality, Branko Milanovic presents a bold new account of the dynamics that drive inequality on a global scale. Drawing on vast data sets and cutting-edge research, he explains the benign and malign forces that make inequality rise and fall within and among nations. He also reveals […]