Inequality: What Can Be Done?
Aug 03, 2015 | Books

Read abstract Tony Atkinson has long been at the forefront of research on inequality, and brings his theoretical and practical experience to bear on its diverse problems. He presents a comprehensive set of policies that could bring about a genuine shift in the distribution of income in developed countries. The problem, Atkinson shows, is not […]

Social Inequality in Japan
Mar 11, 2014 | Books

Read abstract Japan was the first Asian country to become a mature industrial society, and throughout the 1970s and the 1980s, was viewed as an ‘all-middle-class society’. However since the 1990s there have been growing doubts as to the real degree of social equality in Japan, particularly in the context of dramatic demographic shifts as […]

The Heterogeneity Link of the Welfare State and Redistribution
Jan 08, 2014 | Books

Read abstract This book by Udaya R Waglé situates ethnic heterogeneity in the larger discussion of the welfare state and its redistributive outcomes, poverty and inequality, in high income countries. By using comprehensive, longitudinal data covering up to 2010, Waglé makes a major milestone in comparative welfare state research both conceptually and methodologically. Conceptually, this […]

Income Inequality: Economic Disparities and the Middle Class in Affluent Countries
Jun 21, 2013 | Books

Read abstract This state-of-the-art volume presents comparative, empirical research on a topic that has long preoccupied scholars, politicians, and everyday citizens: economic inequality. While income and wealth inequality across all populations is the primary focus, the contributions to this book pay special attention to the middle class, a segment often not addressed in inequality literature. […]

Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences
Jun 19, 2013 | Books

Read abstract Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences, produced by FORS, the Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences, features a collection of chapters that demonstrate how research infrastructures – including LIS – are leading to profound changes in the social sciences. In addition to the chapter on LIS, the book includes descriptions of […]

Welfare States and Immigrant Rights: The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion
Sep 21, 2012 | Books

Read abstract Welfare States and Immigrant Rights deals with the impact of welfare states on  immigrants’ social rights, economic well-being and social inclusion, and it offers the first systematic comparison of immigrants’ social rights across welfare states. To study immigrants’ social rights the author develops an analytical framework that focuses on the interplay between 1) […]

The Canberra Group – Expert Group on Household Income Statistics Final Report and Recommendations
Apr 04, 2011 | Books

Child Well-Being, Child Poverty and Child Policy in Modern Nations: What Do We Know?
Apr 04, 2011 | Books

Read abstract Child poverty and the well-being of children is an important policy issue throughout the industrialised world. Some 47 million children in ‘rich’ countries live in families so poor that their health and well-being are at risk. The main themes addressed are: the extent and trend of child poverty in industrialised nations; outcomes for […]

Poor Kids in a Rich Country – America’s Children in Comparative Perspective
Apr 04, 2011 | Books

Read abstract In Poor Kids in a Rich Country, Lee Rainwater and Timothy Smeeding ask what it means to be poor in a prosperous nation – especially for any country’s most vulnerable citizens, its children. In comparing the situation of American children in low-income families with their counterparts in 14 other countries—including Western Europe, Australia, […]

Families that Work – Policies for Reconciling Parenthood and Employment
Apr 04, 2011 | Books

Read abstract Parents around the world grapple with the common challenge of balancing work and child care. Despite common problems, the industrialized nations have developed dramatically different social and labor market policies—policies that vary widely in the level of support they provide for parents and the extent to which they encourage an equal division of […]