Presentation on: Educational Expansion and International Mobility of Students: The Case of Luxembourg

In this video, Irina Gewinner and Frederik de Moll (University of Luxembourg) tackled the topic of international student mobility, which has accelerated simultaneously with education expansion. Based on an investigation of the student population in Luxembourg in 2019, they provided insights into the social, economic and psychological factors affecting students’ decisions to study abroad. International students are drawn to Luxembourg either because they value uniqueness, prestigiousness and language variety of the program, or because they have obtained a scholarship. Those students tend to come from the Greater Region, predominantly study at the Master or PhD level, and have a high-education parental background. In contrast, students who decide to remain in Luxembourg for their studies consider affordability, living conditions or personal reasons, tend to study at the Bachelor level and are from low-to-medium educated background.

February 24, 2021 |