LIS has a new name, new logo and new look!

In the summer of 2009, the LIS Board met in Luxembourg. A lively discussion took place about “re-branding” the Luxembourg Income Study. Many of the suggestions made to us at that meeting were seconded in 2010 when LIS underwent an external audit. Two recommendations were overwhelmingly clear:

First, our organization’s longstanding name – the Luxembourg Income Study – needed to be amended and clarified. Second, our website had to be revamped and, as part of that process, some key elements (such as registration) needed to be automated.

Over the past two years, LIS has worked hard to put those recommendations and suggestions into action. We now proudly unveil our amended name and our new look. The official name of our organization is now simply “LIS”; we have a new tag line “Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg”; a bar chart replaces (yet still hints at) our beloved but archaic castle; and our much more user-friendly website is up and ready for visitors!

We welcome your feedback at any time. Please send ideas, suggestions, and comments to

March 14, 2011 | Uncategorized