Introducing `Lissyuse ()’: New R function in LISSY

To enhance and simplify the use of the LIS databases through the LISSY user interface, the LIS team has developed a new R function, lissyuse(), for easy and efficient data loading.

The `lissyuse()’ function allows LISSY R-users to quickly import entire series of data within the LIS/LWS databases for specific countries and/or time periods. It also automatically merges household-level databases with individual-level ones based on user-selected variables, if needed. For more information about the function and its options, please see here.

This R function operates similarly to the Stata lissyuse command, which the LIS team developed for Stata users to easily merge and append datasets within the LIS/LWS/ERFLIS databases. For full documentation of the Stata-lissyuse command, please see here.

For feedback and questions regarding the lissyuse command and functionality, please contact

June 14, 2024 | News