Upcoming Webinar – LIS Summer Lecture 2021

LIS is happy to invite you to the 2021 LIS Virtual Summer Lecture on the topic of “Extraordinary times, extraordinary measures: A Review of Methods to Address Data Deprivation in Developing Countries”
By: Professor Peter Lanjouw (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Discussant: Professor Philippe Van Kerm (Luxemburg Institute of Socio-economic Research (LISER)/ University of Luxembourg)
Time: Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 [Luxembourg Local Time: 17:30-18:30]

Lecture Abstract

How can developing countries measure and assess the impact of COVID-19 pandemic shocks on distributional outcomes, while data collection is costly – often involving many millions of dollars per household survey? In this lecture, Professor Peter Lanjouw sheds some light on alternative data collection procedures; namely via survey-to-survey (S2S) imputation techniques. These techniques can help to promote the expansion of high-frequency poverty data in developing countries – a particularly pressing need in light of scarce resources and massive informational needs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: those who have been accepted in the 2021 LIS Virtual Summer Workshop, do not need to register for the Summer Lecture as it is part of the workshop schedule.

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