United States – annualisation of the LIS series from 1991!

LIS is happy to announce that the CPS-ASEC data have been annualised from 1991-2018, with the addition of 19 datasets to the LIS Database, US92 (Wave III), US93 (Wave IV), US95 (Wave IV), US96 (Wave IV), US98 (Wave V), US99 (Wave V), US01 (Wave V), US02 (Wave V), US03 (Wave VI), US05 (Wave VI), US06 (Wave VII), US08 (Wave VII), US09 (Wave VIII), US11 (Wave VIII), US12 (Wave IX), US14 (Wave IX), US15 (Wave X), US17 (Wave X), and US18 (Wave XI).

In addition, the previously available datasets have been fully re-harmonised using the latest data versions available at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) / U.S. Census Bureau and the latest harmonisation standards. Thus some minor differences occur in the income section as compared to the previous versions available in the LIS Database.

June 12, 2020 | Highlight