Paul Krugman to Join LIS Team

Dear LIS Colleagues and Friends,

It is with distinct pleasure that I am sharing exciting news from the LIS Center, our satellite office at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY).

Noted American economist Paul Krugman, 2008 winner of the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, and a keynote speaker at the 2010 LIS Conference on Inequality and the Middle Class, will be taking up a position as Distinguished Scholar in the LIS Center, effective July 2014.

In August 2015, Professor Krugman will leave his current post as professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and will join the faculty of the PhD Program in Economics at the Graduate Center. He will be nominated for the position of distinguished professor, CUNY’s highest honor.

Professor Krugman will be based in New York City and will continue both his biweekly opinion column in the New York Times, and his uncommonly popular New York Times-based blog, “The Conscience of a Liberal.” He announced his decision in a blog post today

Paul Krugman’s appointment to the LIS Center underscores LIS’ and the Graduate Center’s engagement in the growing international public conversation about socio-economic inequality. Tony Atkinson applauded the news and invited me to share his excitement with you: “As President of LIS, I greatly welcome Paul Krugman’s attachment with the work of the LIS Center.” LIS founding director Timothy Smeeding was similarly pleased. “I know that Paul will make good use of the LIS data as he studies and writes about real world problems.”

Paul Krugman will join LIS’ growing roster of senior scholars, which now includes Professors Louis Chauvel and Conchita D’Ambrosio, at the University of Luxembourg, and Professor Branko Milanovic, based at the LIS Center in New York City. All of us at LIS are delighted to welcome him to the LIS team!

Janet Gornick


February 28, 2014 | News