New Data archiving system in LISSY

(applies only to datasets that went under revision after May/June 2019 and for journal review purposes only).

Following the release of the 2019 LIS Template in May/June 2019, LIS is happy to introduce a new data archiving system. With our mission to continue adding new datasets and new countries while maintaining cross-country comparability and high quality data, we foresee that we will occasionally carry out revisions to existing datasets. With this tool, users will be able to replicate the analysis that was carried out on datasets that were uploaded in LISSY after May/June 2019, and successively revised.

Note that due to the significant work required from our side to retrieve the archived data versions and to make them accessible through LISSY upon individual request, this tool can only be used for results replication for journal review purposes and for a period of maximum two weeks from the date the access is given.

How to request access to an earlier version of revised datasets?
In order to be able to replicate your analysis carried out on a pre-revised dataset, you need to write to the LIS user support at specifying the following:

  • The Database (LIS/LWS)
  • The Statistical package (Stata, R, SAS, SPSS).
  • Date of accessing the dataset(s) and running the analysis.

You will subsequently receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the pre-revised datasets.

For users interested in accessing the Databases following the 2011 Template (i.e. the last version of the datasets on LISSY prior to May 2019 for LIS and mid-June for LWS), choose the project “LISPRE” from LISSY for the LIS Database, and “LWSPRE” for the LWS Database.

September 13, 2019 | News