New access to the harmonised ERF-LIS Database through LISSY

Following the success of the ERF-LIS conference on “Inequality Trends around the Mediterranean”, and the signature of a second MoU with the Economic research Forum (ERF) , in June 2020 the harmonised ERF-LIS database has been made available to all the LIS users and the ERF affiliates by its integration into the LISSY system. This development has opened up new dimensions at LIS in terms of i) addition of new countries from the MENA region (Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and Tunisia), ii) increase of the number of data points of existing countries in LIS (Egypt, and Palestine), and iii) possibility to include consumption-based datasets where the income modules are either completely absent, or still developing (Somalia, Tunisia, and old Palestinian data points).

June 15, 2020 | News