Minor template revision and complete database rerun

Because of our ongoing vocation to always improve the data, we made some minor adjustments to the labour market section of the current template (i.e., the set of LIS variables and definitions).

What did we change?

  • We revised the codes and associated value labels of variables SECTOR1/2, EMPWANT, and, to a lesser extent, CLFS;
  • We introduced two new variables to fit the new ISIC Rev.4 / NACE Rev. 2 industry classification (INDD1/2);
  • We removed variable PEXP. Most original datasets did not contain relevant information allowing us to construct the variable. Hence, we decided to discontinue the provision of PEXP.

Please note that the changes were applied retroactively to the entire LIS Database.

In addition, we carried out a substantial data cleaning, which impacted the coding of variables CLFS, CMAS, UMAS, MILIT and EMP for some datasets, as well as the coding of consumption variables for datasets released before 2011.

The income variables, however, have not been affected by any of these changes. Consequently, no changes were made to the Key Figures.

See Revision Notes for details.

October 1, 2015 | Highlight