(LIS)2ER workshop: “The Distributional Effects of Higher-Education Expansion”

by Petra Sauer (Luxemburg Institute of Socio-economic Research (LISER)/ LIS / Research Institute Economics of Inequality (INEQ), Vienna University of Economics and Business), and Philippe Van Kerm (Luxemburg Institute of Socio-economic Research (LISER)/ University of Luxembourg)

The first (LIS)2ER workshop took place virtually from Thursday November 12th through Friday November 13th, and aimed to expand and deepen the understanding of the implications of the mass expansion of higher education for inequality. Six presentations of comparative as well as country-specific studies from different fields in the social sciences dealt with the societal, economic and political causes and consequences of higher education expansion. By discussing how it affects educational and labour market outcomes as well as social mobility, the contributions provided insights on the role of education in fighting (or spurring) inequality.

Full article on the different papers discussed during the workshop is available here.

December 7, 2020 | News