Italy – Revision of the Italian Series in the LIS and LWS Databases

Spurred by the recent provision of a new consistent series of weights by the data provider, the Italian series from 1995 onwards (IT95, IT98, IT00, IT04, IT08, IT10 and IT14 for LIS, and IT10 and IT14 for LWS, all based on data from the Survey of Household Income and Wealth, SHIW carried out by the Bank of Italy) has been fully revised.

The revision of the earlier years included in the LIS Database (also based on the same original survey) is currently in process and will become available at the end of 2017.

On top of the incorporation of the newly provided weight, the revision also included a more consistent treatment over time of income taxes and social security contributions (all the incomes are now expressed net of taxes and contributions for the whole series, with the information on taxes and contributions being available separately among the non-consumption expenditures), as well as a more comprehensive provision of consumption data.

September 14, 2017 | Highlight