Interviews from the first ERF-LIS Conference on “Inequality Trends Around the Mediterranean”

During the First ERF-LIS Conference on “Inequality Trends Around the Mediterranean” that was held in Cairo on the 5th of December, different interviews were carried out with the speakers, and some of the authors.

The keynote speaker, Francisco Ferreira (World Bank), argues in this video that there is no evidence that inequality is increasing everywhere in the world.
Daniele Checchi (LIS) in this video, asserts the importance of having high quality microdata in order to better understand and measure inequality.

In his video, Matteo Targa (DIW-Berlin) gives some insights about the paper he presented and contributed to “Job Polarization and Inequality in a Worldwide Perspective”, followed by Björn Nilsson (University of Paris-South) discussing about his co-authored paper “The effect of Migration on Income Distributions Around the Mediterranean” in this video.
Reham Rizk (British University in Cairo) examines education and inequality as elaborated in her video.

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December 23, 2019 | News