Guatemala – Revision of Two Datasets in the LIS Database

As announced last June at the moment of the release of the newer datasets for Guatemala, LIS has carried out a revision of the previous dataset based on the same survey (the National Survey of Living Conditions, ENCOVI, carried out by National Institute for Statistics, INE), GT06 (Wave VII), where non-monetary incomes and consumption variables were considerably affected.

At the same time, an important revision of the GT14 dataset was also carried out in order to systematically include all non-monetary items (consumption from own production, goods and services taken from own business, as well as in-kind gifts and donations received) that had been previously left out from both income and consumption variables; the impact on the distribution of overall DHI is substantial.

It should be noted that, whereas GT06 and GT14 now consistently include all sources of non-monetary income, GT11 only includes in-kind benefits from the employer; this difference (due to a different dissemination policy from the side of the data provider) creates a serious inconsistency in the time series and users should be very cautious when comparing over time results based on total household disposable income, DHI (such as the Key Figures).

September 14, 2017 | Highlight