Chile – New country added to the LIS Database!

LIS is delighted to announce that it has acquired an entire series of income microdata from Chile. As of today, twelve new datasets, CL90 and CL92 (Wave III), CL94 and CL96 (Wave IV), CL98 and CL00 (Wave V), CL03 (Wave VI), CL06 (Wave VII), CL09 and CL11 (Wave VIII), CL13 (Wave IX) and CL15 (Wave X) have been added to the LIS Database.

The datasets are based on the corresponding waves of the National Socio-Economic Characterization Survey (CASEN) carried out by Ministry of Social Development.

For users familiar with the CASEN data, please note that the income data included in LIS does not include the adjustment to the National Accounts numbers.

June 15, 2018 | Highlight