A series of minor revisions

Several datasets underwent minor revisions:

  • CA97 / PL86: variable RELATION contained a mixed code (in the 4000 category) which included also children that could not be reported separately. For clarity these observations were set to missing.
  • AU81: code 90/9 of variables OCCB1/OCCA1 has been added to separate indistinguishable cases from true missings.
  • PL95: variable STATUS1 has been considerably revised.
  • CA04 / 00 / 98: an error was corrected in variable INDA1; as a result, several missing cases have now been recovered and the variable is complete.
  • CZ96: a group of persons was recoded from employed to not employed in CLFS and EMP variables.

See Revision Notes for additional information.

May 13, 2015 | Highlight