2019 Autumn Data Release

LIS is happy to announce the release of six additional micro datasets to the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Database: Austria AT16 (Wave X), BrazilBR16 (Wave X), ColombiaCO16 (Wave X), FinlandFI16 (Wave X), and JapanJP13 (Wave IX), and JP10 (Wave VIII).

In addition, Spain has been added to the Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) Database: ES14 (Wave IX), ES11 (Wave VIII), ES08 (Wave VII), ES05 (Wave VI), and ES02 (Wave V).

With this release, the following Datasets have been revised:

  • United Kingdom (UK86, UK91, UK94, UK95, UK99, UK04, UK07, UK10, UK13,and UK16)
  • Panama (PA07,PA10,and PA13 )
  • Greece (GR95, and GR00)
  • Lithuania (LT10, and LT13)
  • Mexico (MX84,MX89, and MX92)

For more information on these revisions, please consult the “Data News” section of the September issue of the Inequality Matters newsletter, accessible here.

September 13, 2019 | News