Best Practices for LISSY

The LISSY system processes jobs (statistical programs) sent by users, and returns listings (outputs) with aggregated results, usually within minutes. However, LISSY’s processing time can vary depending on the total number of submitted jobs at a given time and on the complexity of each job.

We recommend to apply the followings to avoid system congestion *

  • Send each job only once. If it is not returned, do not send it again.
  • Wait for each job to be returned before submitting your next one.
  • Do not request frequencies on continuous variables or use commands that violate our security measures. Certain program syntax and commands will trigger system security alerts and may interrupt traffic. See our FAQs for tips on avoiding disallowed commands.
  • Try breaking up statistical queries into several smaller jobs because jobs that result in very long output may cause system congestion. If you encounter difficulties repeatedly, please contact User Support.
  • Debug your program before submitting a job to LISSY, especially if you are not familiar with statistical package syntax. Debugging can be done on your home computer by testing your jobs on our downloadable sample files.

* If your programs routinely congest the LISSY system, we reserve the right to put these jobs “on hold”. If the situation persists, LIS may temporarily suspend your account.