Message from LIS Director Peter Lanjouw

I am pleased to announce that an expansion of the structure of the LIS directorship has taken place, with the reinstatement of the position of LIS Research Director. LIS was fortunate to have Professor Lee Rainwater in this role from the very establishment of LIS in 1984 until 2005, succeeded by Professor Markus Jäntti until 2014. Following the expansion of its research agenda, LIS has decided to re-instate this role, to be filled, as of this June, by Professor Philippe Van Kerm, as part of a larger collaboration with the University of Luxembourg. Philippe will support us in the following way: i) using the LIS data in his research and teaching with a view to increase LIS visibility and access, ii) advising the team on advanced methodological techniques to produce higher quality harmonised data, and iii) actively contributing to setting priorities in terms of LIS vision for the future.

For me it is a privilege and real pleasure to welcome Philippe to the LIS team. I have long admired Philippe’s combination of deep scholarship with his relentless focus on broad social and policy relevance. We are sure to benefit greatly from his experience and insights. All of us at LIS – staff, directors and board – are delighted to welcome him on board!

Best wishes,

Peter Lanjouw
LIS Director