Cross-national comparative research just became a whole lot easier…

LIS the home of Luxembourg Income Study and Luxembourg Wealth Study has gone modern!

We proudly introduce our new name, new logo, and new website…

The official name of our institution is now simply LIS. Our databases will retain their original names: the Luxembourg Income Study Database and the Luxembourg Wealth Study Database.

If you are a registered LIS user of either LISSY or the Web Tabulator, you may use your existing user ID and password on the new site.

Note that all LIS email addresses, for the staff and for LISSY, now contain an extension that is the same as the new URL: If you send jobs to LISSY using email, please take a moment to update your email address book. LISSY ‘s new email address is

We greatly appreciate all the users who gave us feedback as we developed the new site. We hope you’ll agree with us that our new website is much more user-friendly. Of course, further feedback is welcome!