List of Surveys

Country Code Survey Name
AU81-AU85-AU89-AU95-AU01-AU03 Survey of Income and Housing Costs (SIHC)
AT87-AT95 Austrian Microcensus
AT94-AT97-AT00 European Household Panel / AT ECHP
AT04 Survey on Income and Living Conditions / EU- SILC 2005 survey
BE85-BE88-BE92- BE97 Socio-Economic Panel (SEP)
BE95-BE00 Panel Study of Belgian Households (PSBH) / BE ECHP
BR06 National Household Sample Survey / Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicilios (PNAD)
CA71-CA75-CA81-CA87-CA91-CA94-CA97 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF)
CA98-CA00-CA04 Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID)
CO04 Continuous Household Survey / Encuesta Continua de Hogares (ECH)
CZ92-CZ96 Czech Microcensus
CZ04 Survey on income and living Conditions / EU-SILC
DK87-DK92-DK95-DK00-DK04 Income Tax Register
EE00 Household Budget Survey
EE04 Estonian Social Survey (ESS) / EU-SILC (Survey on Income and Living Conditions)
FI87-FI91-FI95-FI00-FI04-FR05 Income Distribution Survey (IDS)
FR79-FR84A Survey of Individual Income Tax Returns
FR81 Survey of Women with Children
FR84B-FR89-FR94-FR00 Household Budget Survey
DE73-DE78-DE83 Income and Consumer Survey (EVS)
DE81 German Transfer Survey
DE84-DE89-DE94-DE00-DE04 German Social Economic Panel Study (GSOEP)
GR95-GR00 Household Income and Living Conditions Survey/ GR ECHP
GR04 Survey on Income and Living Conditions / EU- SILC 2005 survey
GT06 National Survey of Living Conditions / Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Vida (ENCOVI)
HU91-HU94-HU99-HU05 Household Monitor Survey
IE87 Survey of Income Distribution, Poverty and Usage of State Services
IE94-IE95-IE96-IE00 Living in Ireland Survey / IE ECHP
IE04 Survey on Income and Living Conditions / EU-SILC
IL79-IL86-IL92-IL97-IL01-IL05 Household Expenditure Survey
IT86-IT87-IT89-IT91-IT93-IT95-IT98-IT00-IT04 Survey on Household Income and Wealth (SHIW)
KR06 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) and Farm Household Income and Expenditure Survey (FHES)
LU85-LU91-LU94-LU97-LU00-LU04 Socio Economic Panel (PSELL) / LU ECHP (LU94,LU97,LU00) / LU SILC (LU04)
MX84-MX89-MX92-MX94-MX96-MX98-MX00- MX02-MX04 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (ENIGH)
NL83-NL87 Additional Enquiry on the Use of (Public) Services (AVO)
NL91-NL94-NL99-NL04 Socio-Economic Panel (SEP) / NL ECHP (NL94, NL99, NL04)
NO79-NO86-NO91-NO95-NO00-NO04 Income Distribution Survey (IF)
PE04 National Household Survey / Encuesta Nacional de Hogares (ENAHO)
PL86-PL92-PL95-PL99-PL04 Household Budget Survey
RO95-RO97 Romanian Integrated Household  Survey (RIHS)
RU92-RU95-RU00 Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS)
SK92-SK96 Slovak Microcensus
SI97-SI99-SI04 Household Budget Survey
ES80-ES90 Family Expenditure Survey
ES95-ES00 Spanish European Community Household Panel / ES ECHP
ES04 Encuesta de Condiciones de Vida (ECV) / Survey on Income and Living Condition (EU- SILC) 2005 survey
SE67 Income from Register Data, Demographics from the Level of Living Survey
SE75-SE81-SE87-SE92-SE95-SE00-SE05 Income Distribution Survey (HINK)
CH82 Swiss Income and Wealth Survey
CH92 Swiss Poverty Survey
CH00-CH02-CH04 Income and Consumption Survey (EVE/ERC)
TW81-TW86-TW91-TW95-TW97-TW00-TW05 Survey of Family Income and Expenditure, Taiwan Area
UK69-UK74-UK79-UK86-UK91-UK95 Family Expenditure Survey (FES)
UK94-UK99-UK04 Family Resources Survey (FRS)
US69-US74-US79-US86-US91-US94-US97-US00-US04 Current Population Survey (CPS) – March Supplement
US9567 Combined File of Three CPS (’95,’96,’97)
UY04 Continuous Household Survey / Encuesta Continua de Hogares (ECH)