LIS datasets - Waves I to VI
When you send a query to LIS User Support, please include your name, title, affiliation,
and a brief comment about your research project.

Please address all queries about the use and content of the LIS data to, 
rather than to individual LIS staff members.
This allows the LIS staff to maintain a coordinated record of all queries.
Data Access
To access the pre-revised datasets, you only need to update one single line of code
(whether you use JSI or Email)
  • JSI: Select the project PRE in the Job Session Window
  • Email: The fourth line of the header must be: *PROJECT = PRE
Except for that line, your program remains unchanged.
Harmonisation Guidelines Policies

by country

austral.gif (258 bytes) Australia Greece Romania
austral.gif (258 bytes) Austria Guatemala russia.gif (258 bytes) Russia
austral.gif (258 bytes) Belgium hungary.gif (258 bytes) Hungary slovak.gif (258 bytes) Slovak Republic
austral.gif (258 bytes) Brazil ireland.gif (258 bytes) Ireland slovenia.gif (258 bytes) Slovenia
austral.gif (258 bytes) Canada israel.gif (258 bytes) Israel mexico.gif (258 bytes) South Korea
austral.gif (258 bytes) Colombia italy.gif (258 bytes) Italy spain.gif (258 bytes) Spain
austral.gif (258 bytes) Czech Republic luxembur.gif (258 bytes) Luxembourg sweden.gif (258 bytes) Sweden
denmark.gif (258 bytes) Denmark mexico.gif (258 bytes) Mexico switzer.gif (258 bytes) Switzerland
estonia Estonia netherl.gif (258 bytes) Netherlands taiwan.gif (258 bytes) Taiwan
finland.gif (258 bytes) Finland norway.gif (258 bytes) Norway uk.gif (258 bytes) United Kingdom
france.gif (258 bytes) France poland.gif (258 bytes) Peru usa.gif (258 bytes) United States
germany.gif (258 bytes) Germany poland.gif (258 bytes) Poland uk.gif (258 bytes) Uruguay

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