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Issue 2018-6 (June 2018) – Highlights The legacy of Tony Atkinson in inequality analysis. Highlights of the 2nd LIS/LWS user conference by Carmen Petrovici (LIS) The 2nd LIS Users Conference took place on the 3rd and 4th of May 2018 in the Belval Campus of the University of Luxembourg, where the LIS Luxembourg office is […]

LIS commissioned for UN Women flagship reports

LIS provides a background paper to UN Women’s Research & Data Section to feed into Progress of the World’s Women Report 2018, and Gender Equality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 2018.

Issue 2017-4 (December 2017) – Inequality Matters Gender equality and poverty are intrinsically linked1 by Rense Nieuwenhuis, Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University Prominent analyses of economic inequality often fail to incorporate gender equality, or address it as a rather isolated subject (Piketty, 2014; Atkinson, 2015; Milanovic, 2016), of course with notable exceptions […]

Issue 2017-2 (June 2017) – Highlights Highlights of the first LIS/LWS User Conference by Carmen Petrovici, LIS The aim of the first LIS User Conference was to bring together scholars using our databases: Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) or Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS). We received many good submissions, and 15 papers from economics to political sciences, […]

Upcoming Expert Workshop in Luxembourg, 16-18 March 2016

Data visualisation and outreach to stakeholders   Source: Flavia Camilleri © We are pleased to announce that we are organizing, conjointly with TÁRKI Social Research Institute, an expert workshop on data visualisation and outreach to stakeholders. Today, there is great demand for information that is interpretable to a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, policy-makers, […]

Cross-national comparative research just became a whole lot easier…

LIS the home of Luxembourg Income Study and Luxembourg Wealth Study has gone modern! We proudly introduce our new name, new logo, and new website… The official name of our institution is now simply LIS. Our databases will retain their original names: the Luxembourg Income Study Database and the Luxembourg Wealth Study Database. If you […]

LIS has a new name, new logo and new look!

In the summer of 2009, the LIS Board met in Luxembourg. A lively discussion took place about “re-branding” the Luxembourg Income Study. Many of the suggestions made to us at that meeting were seconded in 2010 when LIS underwent an external audit. Two recommendations were overwhelmingly clear: First, our organization’s longstanding name – the Luxembourg […]

Visiting Scholars Program

LIS Visiting Scholars are assigned office space and given access to a secure personal computer with office applications and statistical software packages, including SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R have direct access to LIS / LWS microdata . Direct access means that Visiting Scholars are not restricted to using the remote-execution system while on-site. Access to […]


LIS issues a quarterly newsletter Inequality Matters focusing on inequality research, LIS micro data releases, and other developments at LIS. We aim to reach a diverse audience of researchers from various disciplines, policy analysts, and the broader public. Each newsletter contains reoccurring subsections: Inequality Matters Policy/research briefs related to cross-national divergence in social or economic outcomes […]