2019 Summer Workshop held on 08-12 July

Workshop Format

For 30 years, LIS has organized the LIS Introductory Summer Workshop, held in Luxembourg, in order to ease the access to data on inequality.

In 2019, for the first time,LIS, the University of Luxembourg and LISER will jointly organize and teach the workshop, which has been newly named the Summer Workshop on Inequality and Poverty Measurement. This workshop, taught in English, is a one-week intensive course designed to introduce researchers in the social sciences to comparative research on income and wealth distribution, employment and social policy, using the harmonised Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) and the Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) Databases.

Attendees will be trained to use both databases independently and will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire advanced knowledge about methods used in inequality research
  • Gain skills related to the study of comparative inequality
  • Learn in detail about the LIS and LWS data and develop ties with LIS’ large international network


Please find the draft 2019 Summer Workshop programme below

Calogero (Gero) Carletto, the Manager of the Data Production and Methods Unit in the Development Data Group (DECDG) at the World Bank, will present the 2019 Summer Lecture entitled “A Thing of the Past? Household Surveys in the New Global Data Landscape”.
Date Content
Monday 08 Jul Introduction (LIS staff + directors) and LIS Summer Lecture (TBD)
(Daniele Checchi with LIS Staff)
Tuesday 09 Jul Introduction to existing datasets (LIS/LWS)
Introduction to LIS and LWS databases; harmonisation principles and methods; socio-demographics, labour market, income, consumption and wealth concepts and variables;

introduction to the remote-execution system LISSY in Stata; LIS/LWS documentation on METIS; Aldi Award presentation.
(Daniele Checchi with LIS Staff)
Wednesday 10 Jul Measuring inequality and poverty: principles, methods, indicators, and graphs;
Inference and bootstrap approaches to inequality and poverty with Stata;
LAB: case study with graphics and re-estimation of LIS Key Figures.
(Philippe van Kerm with LIS staff)
Thursday 11 Jul Oaxaca–Blinder decomposition, quantile regressions, RIF regressions, reweighting method, and distribution regression:
Hands-on implementation in LIS and LWS datasets.
(Philippe van Kerm with LIS staff)
Friday 12 Jul LIS for dynamic comparative analysis:pseudo-panel methods using LIS, age-period-cohort models multilevel models combining external macro-indicators.
Hands-on implementation with LIS.
(Louis Chauvel and his team with LIS staff)

  Important: For European PhD Students in social sciences and economics

Two ECTS participants are evaluated on active attendance to the workshop. One additional ECTS is granted for a short paper/essay evaluated by the committee (including Professors Chauvel, van Kerm, and Checchi).


Workshop tuition fees: 350€. Tuition fees cover all teaching materials and use of lab facilities during the workshop week.


To apply, kindly fill the online application form available: here

Application deadline                    : April 15, 2019
Acceptance announcement                 : by April 22, 2019
Workshop fee payment                    : June 01, 2019



The Workshop will be held on 08-12 July 2019 at the University of Luxembourg, Belval Campus, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.
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Accommodation options provided by LIS
  • Single-room accommodation that includes breakfast at Hotel ibis Esch Belval costs 105 € per night. Further details will follow (special code for reservation will be provided)
  • Single-room accommodation that includes breakfast at Hotel Acacia costs 75€ per night (85€ for a single comfort room). Further details will follow.
Deadline to reserve room in Ibis hotel  : May 31, 2019
Deadline to reserve room in Acacia hotel: July 04, 2019
Other accommodation options
  • A new youth hostel is conviently located in Esch-Sur-Alzette – the closest city to Belval Campus.
  • Many hotels and youth hostels are located throughout Luxembourg, that are fairly accessible using public transportation
Public Transportation
  • A day ticket costs 4€ and is valid for an unlimited number of trips from obliteration until 8 a.m. the next day. A set of 5 tickets costs 16€
  • A short-term ticket costs 2€ and is valid for two hours. A 10 ticket set costs 16€
Train and bus information

Centrale de Mobilité
Call center : +352/2465-2465

Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois
Call center : +352/2489-2489


If you have any inquiries concerning the workshop, please write to workshop@lisdatacenter.org