LWS Pilot Datasets
Note. Some LWS pilot datasets are included in the new LWS Database; some others may follow. The harmonisation of the LWS pilot datasets was carried out directly from the original data (and not from the old LWS variables) following improved conceptual framework and international standards for wealth. As a result, there is no direct mapping of the old into the new LWS variables and they are not directly comparable.
When you send a query to User Support, please include your name, title, affiliation,
and a brief comment about your research project.

Please address all queries about the use and content of the data to usersupport@lisdatacenter.org, 
rather than to individual LIS staff members.
This allows the LIS staff to maintain a coordinated record of all queries.
Data Access
To access the LWS Pilot datasets, you only need to update one single line of code (whether you use JSI or Email)
  • JSI: Select the project PIL in the Job Session Window
  • Email: The fourth line of the header must be: *PROJECT = PIL
Except for that line, your program remains unchanged.
Harmonisation Guidelines Policies

by country

austria.gif (258 bytes) Austria Japan
canada.gif (258 bytes) Canada luxembur.gif (258 bytes) Luxembourg
cyprus.gif (258 bytes) Cyprus norway.gif (258 bytes) Norway
finland.gif (258 bytes) Finland sweden.gif (258 bytes) Sweden
germany.gif (258 bytes) Germany uk.gif (258 bytes) United Kingdom
italy.gif (258 bytes) Italy usa.gif (258 bytes) United States

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